Meet Our Adorable Family of Pugs

Our Pug Family

Our Pug Family

Tru Love’s Andi Andrus (AKA: Gilligan) is our main man on campus! His daddy is an AKC champion show Pug, and like his dad, Gilligan knows how to strut his stuff! His personality is adorable, so he makes friends wherever he goes. He has his own toy box, but he doesn’t like to share, which often results in a fun game of tug-of-war between him and a family member or a Pug friend. His coat is a light, fawn double-coat.


Lucky Charm’s King Kong ’O Pug sports a beautiful, healthy, thick silvery coat which earned him the name King Kong after the famous silver-back gorilla star in the movies. Son of Gilligan and CoyoteCreek’s Yeti Watcher, Kong carries fawn, silver and white genes and is champion bloodlined. He is friendly, warm, and generous with his love.

Lucky Charm’s Peanut Buttercup-Cake Our Buttercup is soft and cuddly, just like a plush toy. She’s cute as a button---sweet as icing (with a dash of cayenne)--- and AKC Champion-sired! She wears a light honey, fawn double-coat.


Lucky Charm’s Casper the Friendly Ghost Pug Casper is exactly like his namesake suggests. He meets everyone, even strangers, with a friendly greeting while wagging his curly tail. His gorgeous white coat draws compliments wherever he goes. He’s always a friendly Pug and an expressive talker who throws gorgeous colors in his litters.


Lucky Charm’s Silver G’Rilla Like her brother Kong, G’Rilla has a beautiful thick and silvery coat. Don’t let her name fool you; she is our little angel who strives to please. Her other favorite thing to do, besides pleasing everyone, is to konk-out on the couch and snore when she has finished playing and being silly.


LC’s Coal Miner’s Daughter Pug (AKA: Loretta) Loretta is our black pearl who carries on two of our favorite bloodlines. No dog anywhere is sweeter than Loretta. She’s smart and clever, and she loves to curl up in your lap for a rest. Her wrinkly face makes you think she is a lot older than she is, but being a Pug, she isn’t interested in a face lift! Be wary, however, she will demand you scratch and pet her in return for the honor of her attention!


Lucky Charm’s Marley Moo Pug is a real teddy bear. She is soft, sweet, and petite with a licorice black coat. You can’t help but want to hug her and give her kisses which she will gladly double in return!


Lucky Charm’s Spring Tulip Pug , our baby doll Pug, loves to dance. Her favorite dance move that she loves to show off is the famous Pug scoot. Her thick, double coat is a light, golden blonde, and her personality is loving and vivacious, both just like her AKC Champion father’s.


Goblin’s Silver Sophia D’Harvey , Casper’s daughter is small and petite, a sweet treat, full of goodness. Truly a momma’s girl, she dotes on mom and follows her from room to room. Her coat is a soft, light silver fawn.


Goblin’s Spooky Holler Brew (AKA: Fizzy) is a dainty black Pug. As long as she is with her family, she is happy. She adores children and is very gentle and loving in their presence. Fizzy is a little ball of love and brings us much joy.


Goblin’s Pandora Banshee Rider is a charming, honey-colored fawn female with champion bloodlines. Taking walks is one of her favorite things to do. Full of energy, Banshee gives her Pug friends a real workout chasing each other around the yard and playing with their toys. When she is done playing, you can find her snoozing in her bed.

Memorial Dedication

Memorial Dedication

Lucky Charm’s Popeye the Sailor Pug
RIP (07/02/2004 - 05/05/2018)